While casinos are struggling to find ways to attract new players by spending thousands of euros on marketing and advertising campaigns, we offer a ready-made cross-channel game product that will cover the iGamers, video gamers, and young players at once.


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runner mechanics, which is highly popular among gamers

crash mechanics - one of the main guarantees of casino game's success nowadays

the function of multiple bets - exactly what bettors need

Run, Goblin, Run!

Audiences your casino
reaches with Goblin Run:

18-39 males mainly
50% – 76%
of European mobile phones users
Global iGaming and Gaming
18-35 males mainly
Asian market
18-35 males mainly

Running every month better

Avg. bet

Why Will Goblin Run Succeed in
Attracting All Audiences?

  • RUNNING CHALLENGE The adventurous running style of the game in 3D technology provides consistent dynamics in gameplay, as well as the illusion that players are progressing. This prevents players from becoming bored mid-game – monotony being a common reason why players avoid casino games. The runner, on the other hand, will encourage them to keep exploring the game from all angles.
  • MULTIPLE BETS IN ONE ROUND A player can wager on how far the goblin can run at various points during the game. The more bets, the more chances to win, and thus the greater interest in playing!
  • Different risk levels to appeal to fans of high and low volatility games Players can choose their preferred method of gambling thanks to the in-built unique formula, allowing them to set different risk levels. Low risk with early cash-out or high risk with the probability of a gigantic win, where a player never knows whether a multiplier grows up to 1000x, stops somewhere in the middle, or crashes at 0.
  • GOBLIN SKIN CUSTOMISATION In the game, players can customise the visual design of the hero by clicking the "Change skin" button. Goblin in the chicken suit, sausage, mummy, and many others. We can bet players will love these outfits!
  • LEADERBOARD AND CHAT Competitiveness and socialisation are two additional game benefits that increase player engagement and, as a result, time spent in the game and the retention rate is higher. Players can not only compete in scoring with one another, but also share their experiences, just like in a real gaming community.

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